E-mails reveal tension between Reps Niland and Limon

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 5:54pm

El Paso City Representatives Cortney Niland and Lily Limon usually sit next to each other, however, on Tuesday, Representatives Eddie Holguin and Micheal Noe sat between the two.

According to a source inside City Council, tension between Niland and Limon has been building for some time, and it reportedly came to a head when the two engaged in a screaming match behind closed doors last Tuesday. When asked to comment, both Niland and Limon deny any sort of altercation occurred.

Local 4 filed an open records request with the city and received e-mails from District 2 Representative Cortney Niland to Mayor Oscar Leeser last Tuesday, October 29, requesting a seating change. According to the e-mail, Niland claims she has been "subjected to a hostile environment regarding bullying comments and unwanted touching and grabbing by Representative Limon."

In the e-mails, Mayor Leeser addresses Niland's concern saying he asked District 1 Representative Ann Morgan Lily to trade seats with Niland effective immediately.

When asked for comment, Lily Limon said "Perhaps there's a bit of over reaction, perhaps on her part. I was elected by District 7 constituents to a job. And so, I may not be the most popular person when I ask questions, but that's my job."

As for her part in the conflict, Niland has refused to comment.

For now, expect the new seating arrangement in council chambers to be permanent.


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