Drivers run into flooded freeway on morning commute

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 5:02pm

An early morning downpour Wednesday morning caused flooding on the freeway in Central El Paso.

It was a disastrous morning commute as some drivers tried to get through flood water on I-10 and Piedras. Others sat patiently not taking the risk of getting stuck.

"You guys can go through but I’m staying here," said driver Lilia Benchaca.

"I’m just too leary to go through with my car," said driver Jeanette Garcia.

Garcia waited desperately to reach Sierra Medical Center.

"My husband had a heart attack and I can't get over there so it's just frustrating," said Garcia.

But, even though it was a bad morning, Garcia still had a smile.

"What can we do? Just as long as nobody got hurt," said Garcia.

The flooding was so bad some drivers had to wait for hours in traffic during their morning commute.

"I'm headed to work and I’ve been stuck in traffic since six in the morning so it's been a total disaster at this point," said driver Mayra Martinez.

And what's worse, her gas light came on while she was waiting.

"I’m like right in front of the gas station and the waters like almost to my hips. I have no idea what to do," said Martinez.

After hours on the side of the freeway, Mayra built the courage to get in her car and take the plunge but by that time, her day was ruined.

"I’m like late for work already and it just isn't the best of days," said Martinez.


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