Downtown group launches demolition and construction campaign

Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 12:34am

The Asarco towers will come down on Saturday and City Hall will follow the day after. Wednesday night, the El Paso Downtown Management District held an event to talk about why you should visit downtown, even with all the new construction about to start.
"Inform downtown business owners, downtown property owners, and all of El Paso about what's going on with the construction," said Veronica Soto, with the DMT.
On Sunday, City Hall will crumble, but in it's dust, a new campaign, revitalizing downtown, will launch. Raymond Smith is the project manager responsible for the demolition and the baseball park construction.
"We want to be a good neighbor and we want everyone to be informed. the disruption to the traffic and everyone downtown just needed to know what was gonna take place," said Smith.
He's had a hand in downtown renovation.
"I was able to work on the Mills building downtown and now being able to be a part of the ballpark is very exciting for downtown and El Paso," said Smith.
Six new businesses have opened this year alone and almost a dozen more are planned in the coming months.
Thursday morning, the DMD will drape a banner over City Hall reading "It's Happening."
Business owners hope to capitalize on the traffic a new ballpark will bring, as a new era begins in downtown El Paso.
"The banner will come down with the building but it is really to share the excitement about what's happening in the downtown area and to share how to navigate downtown as all the projects are underway.," said Soto.
Demolition begins on Sunday at 9a.m.


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