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Friday, May 24, 2013 - 5:04pm

A Central El Paso neighborhood picked up the pieces Friday after a severe fire consumed four buildings along Alameda. As we've reported, the fire broke out Thursday afternoon and destroyed nearly everything in it's path but at least one vehicle in an auto repair shop was spared.

Cleaning crews were busy sweeping up the mess from the fire on Alameda and Estrella. Residents are assessing the damage, "We actually came over to check it out, it was big flames coming out," Jesus Garcia, a witness, told us. Garcia said he knows the owner of one of the buildings that burned, Franco Auto Electric.

"He didn't really take it seriously at first because we saw his employees coming out and looking at it and going back inside," Garcia said. His concern grew as the flames got bigger. Mr. Franco didn't want to talk about the fire. But, we did manage to speak with one man who was getting his car serviced when the fire started.

"I panicked and I immediately got sad... thinking about my Grandpa, he passed it down to me," he said. He didn't want to give us his real name but says he found about the fire Friday morning.

"My Grandpa gave it to me two years ago and he passed away last Thanksgiving," the man told us. He got to the place as quickly as he could and found out, "I got lucky. I'm one of the lucky ones because all of the other ones got burnt."

His car received minimal damage and he believes it's his Grandfather who was his saving grace.

"I guess it was him, he was like... 'No!," the man exclaimed.






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