Do you know your movie theater etiquette?

Friday, May 10, 2013 - 12:05pm

Many of us have experienced it before, a packed movie theater and as luck would have it you pick the seat right near the inconsiderate movie-goer.

Theaters seem to be one of those places where for some people etiquette just doesn't count.
you know what we're talking about.

Movies are expensive these days and you want to enjoy it.

One etiquette expert explains the best way to handle disruptive movie goers without escalating the situation.

"Yes, I think saying "shhhh!" like this is not going to help the problem, you don't want to be too loud, but you want to let that person know, so an excuse me or a quiet 'shh' will help" said Crystal Bailey, The Etiquette Institute of Washington.

Other advice from the etiquette expert, if you're the "offender", unless you're a doctor, or detective, or someone who constantly needs to be connected, turn off your phone and enjoy that 90 minutes for yourself and the people around you.


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