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Disabled El Pasoans Hoping to Land Job

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 12:45pm

El Paso’s unemployment rate remains higher than the state average. Local job fairs are trying to get that rate lower and hire groups who may have physical disabilities making it more difficult to land a job in the Borderland, including Yolanda Solis.

With pen and paper in hand, Yolanda is one of the 8.7% of El Pasoans who are currently unemployed. "I'm a graphic specialist... we design anything from silk screening, designing t-shirts, designing packaging,” Yolanda explains.

Like everyone here, she has another thing in common with them, “I was hit by a drunk driver so I broke my sacrum in half,” Yolanda says. She is disabled and looking for a job.

"So I can no longer sit for a long period of time and stand for a long period of time so I kind of have limitations,” she says. Limitations, but they’re not completely limiting. Workforce Solution hosted a job fair on Tuesday hoping to join employers with capable employees.

"A lot of disabilities are hidden and you just have to have an open mind and really be willing to hire anybody, regardless of what their disability may be,” Bernadette Flores, a spokeswoman with the company tells NewsChannel 9.

Yolanda has been unemployed for about a year and she’s been recovering from her injury for 6.

"I'll never be healed, it's like a forever thing,” she tells us. Despite the everlasting pain, she continues to fill out application after application, hoping to land a job.

"It's a little minor disability you just gotta continue and just be the best person you can be out there, no matter what your disability,” Yolanda says.



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