Demolition of the Insights Museum takes place this week

El Pasoans react to the tear down of the 21-year-old building

Monday, March 11, 2013 - 8:12am

The Insights Museum will be torn down as part of the $50-million project that will build the new AAA baseball stadium. This project has been a divisive subject within the community.

""I just think we're sacrificing a lot of the face and our downtown never grows because we get rid of our history. We lose a lot of what we were that's why our downtown seems to stay in a certain amount of blocks because we were quick to knock something down and put something in its place," Jay Mendoza, a Downtown El Paso resident told us Monday morning.

Jay Mendoza said he is no expert, but he told us he is very passionate about the issue. He also said like many El Pasoans he is for growth and is all for the stadium, but he hates to see the museum torn down.

Crews will be tearing down the Insights Museum all week long. Officials have estimated the space will be completely cleared off by the end of March.


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