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Defense Rests in Barraza Trial

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 - 4:12pm

El Paso - - The defense has rested in the Manuel Barraza bribery trial. Trial resumes tomorrow morning with closing arguments.

Today we learned the former judge's preference for thongs. A local radio station has this exchange with Barraza before he entered the federal courthouse...

"Which is sexier thongs or boy shorts? What? Which is sexier thongs or boy shorts? I guess thongs."

KLAQ radio got a response from Barraza but he would not say anything to us. He just smiled.

Inside the courtroom, Barraza's attorneys fought hard to prove their thong favoring client is innocent of accepting sex and money in return for judicial favors.

Among the witnesses who testified today: FBI agent Chad Artrip.
Barraza's attorney questioned the agent about a report he wrote to his supervisors.

In that report, Artrip claimed Barraza had wanted money in order to drop a drug case in his court. The agent was asked if his evidence proves that Barraza made that statement.

Agent artrip, who was only assisting in the investigation answered, "No, I just assumed that's what he meant after being briefed on the investigation."

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