Dash cam shows Amber Alert suspect swinging knife, stabbing self, holding baby

CNN NEWS/WTAE/FAMILY PHOTOS/Allegheny County District Attorney
Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 12:12pm

A district attorney for Allegheny County, Pennsylvania has released police dash cam video of a wild, frightening chase. The suspect is also seen using an eight month-old girl as a human shield. The DA wants people to see the video, so they understand why police shot the suspect dead, Kelly Brennan has the story.

First, we want to warn you, the images are very graphic.

Little Bailee was eight months-old when she became the center of an Amber Alert that started late one night in December 2013.

Ashley Spring ran into a Brentwood store looking for help, saying Jared Brown Garnham, her ex-boyfriend, was threatening her and her two children.

While she called for help, Garnham drove off with Bailee still in the backseat.

Eight police agencies were involved in this high speed chase from Brentwood to the Pittsburgh International Airport.

DA Stephen Zappala shows us the dash cam video of Garnham driving in the wrong lane, swerving and eventually crashing into a gate which leads directly to the runway.

Garnham pulls Bailee on his lap holding her hostage and starts repeatedly stabbing himself.

Bailee had superficial wounds from the knife, on her neck and her throat.

Garnham tries to get away again, spinning the front tires and the car then catches on fire.

To save Bailee, the DA says police broke a rear window and fried a single shot at Garnham, Stephen Zappala, "Then they pull them both out of the car and try to extinguish the fire that started in the left front of the vehicle. They saved that baby's life."

Zappala says little Bailee, now almost 1, is doing just fine, "I'm sorry that we lost a life that evening but these guys did a heck of a job. I mean of the all the cases that we've reviewed, I mean this, I'm proud of these guys; they did what they were trained to do and they did it very well."

The DA says an autopsy revealed Brown-Garnham had cocaine in his system.


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