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Dan Haggerty's family remember him fondly

Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 7:20pm

Commissioner Dan Haggerty had served on commissioner's court since 1995 representing northeast and west El Paso.
He had been battling bladder cancer since 2011...and died last night at his home.
Today his family opened up to Local 4 News.
Pat Haggerty, one of Dan’s nine siblings was in tears, as he talked about his brother's death. And although he said Dan was best known for his sense of humor, he was also known for much more.
"I think without doubt he was everyone's favorite uncle, favorite brother, favorite everything," said Pat.
And brother number seven, as Jeremaih Haggerty refered to himself, agrees.
"I’m having trouble paying my rent, no problem he says, Jerry I’ll pay a years’ worth of rent. Let me repay you, he says don't even. You’re offending me by paying me back. Not only is he a good brother, but a great friend, to all of us. And there’s a lot of Haggerty's to be a friend of," said Jeremiah.
But Dan wasn't just a great brother, he was a great uncle. Nephew Shane Haggerty said Dan really made a difference in his life.
"He believed in me,” said Shane. “He was the one I think who inspired me to go into politics to go into the school board, and be able to make the most that I could for my community based off of what he's done. He was there when I graduated from the fire academy. He's always there... He's always there to help out, but to pin point one time. I couldn't do it."
And as for the community, one local man said Dan impacted his life in a way he can never forget.
"He made a statement one day of my sister-in-law in fort worth that had cancer,” said James Perry, a Texas rodeo clown holding a red wing in his hands. “And that's why he wore this wig in the honor of her and she got cured… So now I will wear this next year and will always be thinking of Mr. Haggerty."
His family and friends said they will never forget his laughter, for that's what kept them strong during his darkest moments.
"As long as he doesn't lose his humor, he's good to go," said Jeremiah.


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