County to decide on a tax increase

Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 7:23pm

El Paso residents will see an increase in their property tax bill next year; resident Ruben Bonilla says that the expenses and constant increases are just too much...

"people is flying out of here finding a better place to live you know because taxes are way too high, taxes in a home is like having another payment in your own house it's too much" Bonilla said.

The city of El Paso approved a budget and raised taxes to 20 dollars per 100 thousand dollar valued home; in addition the hospital district has requested a 22 dollar increase and the county an average of 20 dollars per home.

"for the city is only 25 percent, then you have the 18 percent from the county then you have all the other districts so in the end it's not just the 28 dollars you're going to end up paying 100 dollars or more in taxes per year" city representative Emma Acosta said.

"this court is fully aware of that and every decision it is that we make is as enough that and we're trying to be as efficient and as lean as possible to ease as much pressure as we can of the tax payers" County Commissioner Vincent Perez said.

And while taxes continue to emerge, the Dallas Federal Reserve latest report indicated the El Paso’s economy has decreased and that unemployment stands at 9.1 percent, one El Paso resident says paying taxes is becoming harder every year.

"I think it's just a radical behavior they're just raising taxes for no purposes"

Commissioner Vince Pérez recognizes that property owners are the most affected and that El Paso’s competitiveness among other cities in Texas and New Mexico is being affected.

"I believe that all these taxes because you know our tax base is weaker than other communities there's a lot more pressure on our home owners as opposed to the private sector where as Houston, Dallas and Austin they have a large commercial center, a large commercial base they can also tab in too"

If the tax increase is approved the hospital district would allocate the funds for the construction of the 3 new clinics in El Paso, and the county would use the funds for operation costs.


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