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County Commissioner Dan Haggerty honored in memorial service

Monday, July 1, 2013 - 11:17pm

From the flowers, to the venue, "When it became apparent that Dan was not going to make it, we talked to Brother Nick and he said by all means, let's do it at Cathedral,” Pat Haggerty, Dan Haggerty’s brother said. Right down to the casket, "Some of the things he wanted and one of them was he did not want to have his casket purchased from a funeral home,” Jerry McTernan, Senior Administrative Assistant to Dan Haggerty told us.

Dan Haggerty's memorial service was as colorful as he was. "He had a great wit, you never knew what he was going to say,” Bill Palmer, a friend of Dan Haggerty’s explained.

"In a big family, he'll be missed. He will be tremendously missed,” Pat added.

One of his staff members told us how he paid his respects to his former boss. "I have some experience with home improvement, working around on rental properties, and things like that but I've never built anything like this,” McTernan explained. Jerry McTernan built Haggerty's casket. "A lot of the fun times, the laughter, the jokes, the sense of humor he had. And all that just poured, just poured out in the process,” McTernan said.

Haggerty lost his battle to bladder cancer last Friday, "plans had to be changed and one of his sisters told me that you need to get on that,” McTernan told us. McTernan finished the casket in time now there's one last wish he's been asked to fulfill. "I purchased a new truck not that long ago, a new Silverado, and he said, 'You know what? I'm gonna [sic] get a ride in that thing one way or another,” McTernan reminisced. "I want you to, you know, take me to my final trip. I want you to drive me to the service and to the cemetary."

A final favor, one this friend will solemnly carry out Tuesday. Haggerty’s funeral is scheduled for 11 AM Tuesday at Cathedral High School.


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