Community meeting addresses 'Round the Clock ballpark construction concerns

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 11:27pm

With April's deadline for a new ballpark quickly approaching - crews may soon begin working around the clock. And this news isn't sitting well with some residents who live in the nearby.

“That they are at least pretending to care about it,” Sam Leyva, an El Pasoan who lives next door to the future home of the El Paso Chihuahuas, said dryly.

The ongoing construction for the new triple a baseball stadium is making strides... But the progress has come at a price. "It's so close that you can hear the construction workers cussing at each other in the mornings that's how close I am to the noise."

City officials held a meeting Tuesday night to address residents’ concerns regarding ballpark construction. Sam Leyva lives next door to the stadium and says he has had to endure bright nights, "I've had to buy curtains to actually block out the light because the generators, you know the lights that they have up during construction are really, really bright.”

City officials said the lights have been used to help with some of the detail work for the stadium. "Actually work has been going on 20-21 hours as it is. So when we move to 24 hour construction really isn't that big of a departure from what has been going on at the site,” Martin Bartlett, the Spokesman for El Paso Construction and Engineering Department told us.

As of now, 24 hour construction isn't written in stone, it's just an option. "The next phase of the project aren't going to be things that include jackhammers or bulldozers. It's actually going to be much more interior work. "

Welcome news for residents like sam -- who's ready to say farewell to the loud noises outside his window. "Then you wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning and you know hearing a supervisors yelling at their employees because they're literally just outside your window… there's only so much you can take,” Leyva said.

But he said he is willing to put up with the construction for another two months. Even if that means 'round the clock work. "The 24-7 it it'll make it go away faster then you know, I guess I'm all for it."

City Officials are hoping to wrap up construction in time for the first home game which is scheduled for April 11th.


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