Coca-Cola taking gulp of popular energy drink

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Friday, August 15, 2014 - 9:38am

Coca-Cola is taking a big gulp of a popular energy drink. The company announced it is buying a 17-percent stake in Monster, and that the two will swap ownership of some brands.

The deal is worth more than two-billion dollars. It will allow each company to focus on its core strengths. Coca-Cola will give Monster its energy drink brands, like Nos and Full Throttle. In exchange, the non-energy drinks that Monster produces, including Hansen's Natural Sodas and Peace Tea will become part of Coca-Cola's portfolio.

The move also expands Monster's access to Coca-Cola's distribution network. A deal between the two companies has been rumored for some time. Coca-Cola is trying to reposition itself as Americans drink less soda.


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