Clean up requires citizens to take action

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 3:27pm

Every action has an equal and opposit reaction.  All of that rain we got last week, is no different.
Weeds and grass are growing tall across the Borderland.
Crews from the City of El Paso were out trimming the tallest of the offenders on right-of-way areas in central El Paso Tuesday.

They take care of the parks,side walks and other public areas, but now they're asking for the public's help.  The city's code compliance division is enforcing the city rules stating yards with grass and weeds must not be overgrown.
They'll issue citation during the next month.  If it's still not clean, the city will clean it up for you,but for a fee.

To learn more about codes related to overgrown vegetation review Title 9 of the El Paso Municipal Code at



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