City takes 54 dogs, 1 cat from east El Paso home

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 10:48pm

A shocking discovery inside an East El Paso home.
Animal Services removed fifty four dogs and one cat from a house and now the animals all need a new home. The field officer said he could smell the animals' stench from outside the home.

They said the stench could be smelled outside the home.

"I doubt that its easy keeping all of your house clean and being able to take care of your dogs," said neighbor, Reyhana Orozco.

The owner released custody of the animals to the City of El Paso. Some neighbors had no idea how many dogs there were living at that one home.

"They keep really to themselves. He would come out and work on his two hot rods outside," said neighbor Andres Martinez.

The city does not limit the number of dogs or cats that may be kept at a home, but it does require that animals be provided with the proper quality of life.

"I don't think that would be suitable for fifty four dogs down there," said Martinez.

Animal Services Veterinarian Bernie Page says surprisingly, the dogs were not in that bad of shape.

"Reasonable healthy some of these animals look compared to many of the hoarding cases that we do get," said Page.

But now that the dogs are in a safe place, the work just begins. Animals Services does not have enough space for any more animals and need the public's help.

"We're overwhelmed with the number of animals," said Page.  


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