City Reps Question Mexican Loteria Design for Transit System

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 2:38pm

EL PASO — Offensive or creative?

That's the controversy behind art designed for the rapid transit on the Alameda corridor.

Local leaders held an informational meeting Monday regarding the design that will depict different items from the Mexican Loteria at each of the stops along the transit system.

Leaders feel the artists did not take the local culture into mind when designing the feature.

"A lot of the icons are offensive to the public," City Rep. Emma Acosta said. "Offensive to the people who live along the corridor. The icon of the eye, which in Spanish means "el ojo malo", somebody made an "ojo malo" to you, and you had to get a curandera. That's offensive. They have an art "hand" out there somewhere, supposedly to them it reflects creating something with the hand, but to the people on Alameda it meant that they were asking for a handout.

Part of the problem, opponents feel is that the artists were not hired. Some feel el paso artists should have been hired instead.


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