City Moves to Curb Hillside Erosion

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 2:10pm

EL PASO - The city of El Paso is getting tough on developers who want to build on a hillside.

Some city council members said it's a safety issue; all representatives voted to implement a new ordinance on grading permits.

The new rules are intended to make sure the land where hillside homes sit, is stable, so the homes won't slip. The restrictions are also aimed at keeping eroded soil from choking arroyos and storm sewers.

"You would be required to stabilize those slopes before you developed on the land, instead of just clear-cutting them...or, if you had to clear-cut a would have to stabilize it, by putting planting material that would hold the slope better."

We're told the new ordinance will go into effect in about two months.


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