City of El Paso to honor slain El Paso journalist, approve $10 million road project

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 9:00am

El Paso City Council is expected to declare April 22nd as 'Ruben Salazar Day.' Salazar was a Mexican-American journalist from El Paso, who paved the way for future Hispanic journalists and Chicano American issues. Tuesday's meeting will also feature the renaming of an important city landmark in his honor, according to city documents. City Representative, Lily Limon, of District 7 presented the proclamation.

Council will also take up the issue of putting up $10-million for improvements along I-10 from Copia to Chelsea, and from Porfirio Diaz to Missouri. The enhancements would include new lighting, landscaping and fresh paint. In exchange, TXDOT would contribute up to $10-million to the City of El Paso to help pay for median and parkway landscaping.

I'll be covering the issues at Tuesday's council meeting.

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