Cities and county will review damages after storm

Monday, September 16, 2013 - 6:39pm

Members of several municipalities such as Vinton, Socorro, Horizon and Anthony are in the process of seeking help to remediate the situation many communities are facing after the last week’s storm.

“there’s still some residents that are struggling with some of the damage to their property, to the best we can assist them, we’re going to do what we can, by making sure that the streets are clean that all the infrastructure is clean but we’re still working to take that assessment” County Commissioner Vince Perez said.

According to Judge Veronica Escobar the process of receiving federal help is not simple and it will be up to the municipalities to present their report.

"The threshold is high which is very frustrating but I'm hoping that we're maybe at least even if we can't meet the threshold for federal aid if we can meet the threshold for the loan portion" Escobar said.

To receive the help the county must prove that the damages in private properties reach 30 million dollars and 2.7 million for public infrastructure however if the threshold is not met the county would apply for federal assistance loans.

“I don’t know what the parameters of those are what the payback is what the interest is we don’t know any of that but we will have some of that information today for the municipalities and then how they can help us get the word out” Escobar added.

Socorro city manager Willie Norfleet says that immediate assistance and shelter will continue in the area although the city for those who need it.

“Now it has been extended through Friday of this week and then after that wither they will find local places for them to go for seven days after that point the city of Socorro will probably use one of their abandoned fire stations for services beyond that” Norfleet said.

According to Judge Escobar the process of seeking the relief make take several weeks so they’re asking the community to be patient and in case of needing help they can contact the Red Cross at 915-592-0208


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