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Chemical Spill Evacuees

Santa Teresa Industrial Park

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 7:34pm

Santa Teresa, NM- Early Tuesday morning, in response to an unknown airborne chemical, a triage was set up at Santa Teresa High School.

When emergency responders have to deal with a large scene or disaster and especially one with many patients, a triage is set up off location. It's basically a small hospital zone, far enough away from the initial problem where victims can be evaluated and treated. Hundreds of employees from the industrial complex just a mile away from the high school were sent to that triage.

Some of the victims described the chemical as having a lemon like odor, one actually said it smelled more like chili, but everyone agreed it was an irritation and they all were glad for the quick response time. No one was hospitalized or seriously injured and around midafternoon on Tuesday, the triage site at the school was deactivated.

The school itself was never in any harm and classes were not disrupted.


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