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Certain blood types running low in El Paso

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 4:55pm

While there isn't an overall shortage of blood in the El Paso region there are certain types of blood that are running a little low this time of year due to low turnout during the summer months.

While the United Blood Services Center did receive numerous boxes from a blood drive in Las Cruces there is still a shortage of A-B and O-negative.

"There's many substitutions for medicine these days but there's no substitution for blood," said UBS Marketing Director LuAnn Wieland.

The center is usually low on O-negative because only 7 percent of the population has that blood type and it's found in only 3 percent of hispanics.

With schools not in session and more people on vacation, summer turnout is low nationwide, according to UBS.

The center said sometimes they do meet their 175 pint goal but they don't know exactly what types are donated each day causing the shortage on certain types.

With blood only have a shelf life of 42 days the center is always in need of donors and urge first-timers to stop by for what is typically a pain free experience.

El Paso United Blood Services
424 S. Mesa Hills El Paso, TX 79912
(915) 544-5422

El Paso United Blood Services
1338 N. Zaragosa Rd. El Paso, TX 79936
(915) 849-7389

Las Cruces United Blood Services
1200 Commerce Dr. Las Cruces, NM 88011
(575) 527-1322


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