Capacity policy at Fort Bliss splash park now being implemented

U.S. Army, Fort Bliss
Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 9:44pm

Fort Bliss Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation:  

Due to the 100-person capacity of the Biggs Park Splash Park, the following policy will be implemented when that capacity is reached:

• Lifeguards will keep a head count of splash park patrons. One parent or adult per six children must accompany children at all times.
• Upon entry to the splash park, patrons will be issued wrist bands. No wristbands will be issued in advance; patrons must be present and in line to receive a wrist band.
• When the 100-person capacity is reached, lifeguards will not allow additional patrons to enter the splash park until either patrons leave (with a one-for-one exchange) or a new session begins (at times specified below.)
• When there are more than 10 patrons awaiting entry, two-hour sessions will be implemented. The beginning times for sessions are noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. The changeover will take place at the appropriate break enforced by lifeguards.
• Patrons who gain entry 30 minutes or less prior to the new session due to someone leaving, will be allowed to re-enter the next session without waiting in line. They will be issued the correct wristband for the following session when they enter the splash park.
• Patrons who wish to enter the splash park more than 30 minutes prior to a new session enter with the understanding they will be asked to leave when the session ends.
• Patrons who have been asked to vacate at the end of a session may get back in line for reentry, following the above guidelines, and will receive a new wristband upon entry.

The intent of this policy is to set guidelines for patrons and staff when Biggs Park Splash Park capacity is met. There will be some instances where basic logic will be a better guideline to get patrons into the splash park efficiently, and the above policy may be adjusted at the lifeguard’s discretion. Guests of pavilion renters are allowed use of the splash park. All users of the splash park will adhere to posted safety rules and guidelines, and follow lifeguards’ instructions.
Download a copy of the policy at

The Aquatics Training Center, located at 20733 Constitution Ave. on East Fort Bliss, has a shallow-to-deep, zero-depth entry multipurpose pool available for use by younger patrons, as well. 


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