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Canutillo Superintendent Reaches Settlement with the District

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 6:53am

The Canutillo Independent School District has decided to terminate their contract with their current superintendent. This comes just weeks after an internal audit showed Dr. Damon Murphy may have played a role in a cheating scheme. Dr. Damon Murphy is set to resign as Canutillo Independent School District's superintendent on Feb. 1, 2013. Murphy reached an agreement with the board of trustees at Tuesday night's meeting, in which he decided to resign in February in exchange for being placed on paid administrative leave until then.

On his last day, Murphy is set to receive a lump sum payment of $14,250, which is one month of his salary. In addition, he will also get more than $5,000 for seven days of unused days off. Board president, Armando Rodriguez, says the board's deal with Murphy is in the best interest of the taxpayers because if Dr. Murphy decided to appeal through the Texas Education Agency, the process would have been lengthy and expensive.

After hearing the results of an internal audit of Canutillo Independent School District earlier this month, the district's board of trustees initially decided to place Dr. Murphy on unpaid leave, and start the process of firing him. Internal audit results suggested Murphy unfairly moved students around to different grade levels so they wouldn't have to take required state tests, making test scores look higher. At Tuesday night's meeting, Canutillo board president, Armando Rodriguez, said the district and the board will begin the search for a new superintendent as soon as possible.

Also on the agenda was the Texas Education Agency's recent notice to the Canutillo Independent School District of an investigation of the district's audit results. Board members decided they are ready to work with the TEA during the agency's investigations of the district.


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