Candidates in EPISD runoff hope to see Board of Managers leave soon

Friday, May 17, 2013 - 12:09am

Four candidates will head to a runoff election for two seats on the El Paso Independent School District Board of Trustees.

Omar Villa and Bob Geske will face off in District 1. Charles "Chuck" Taylor and James Lamonica will face each other in District 5.

On Thursday, the candidates drew for their place on the ballot.

Once the winners are elected, the Board will have limited power.

As KDBC reported, the Texas Education Commissioner stripped the Board of its powers amidst a cheating scandal within EPISD, and installed a Board of Managers.  The Board of Managers can be in place for up to two years.

The runoff candidates agree they would like to see them leave EPISD before that.

Chuck Taylor said although he'll have limited power, he looks forward to working with, and learning from the managers. 

"I'd like to assist them if I'm allowed to, to bring the district back into good graces," said Taylor.

James Lamonica said having new board members serve could help EPISD transition.

"As we work with them, as we get through the training that's required, they can see we're the kind of people that can do this job," said Lamonica.

"I think the people who are elected, including myself, have the ability, the experience to prove to the Board of Managers that we can do the job," said Bob Geske.

Early voting for the runoff will be June 3-11, and election day is June 15.


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