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Can a little extra cash make you happy?

MGN Online
Friday, June 6, 2014 - 10:01am

We know what money can't buy happiness but could a little bit of extra cash make you a little happier? If so how much cash would you want?

You'd think most people would demand a million dollars but this study showed that's just not the case, that most of us would be just fine with a reasonable amount of cash. The magic number? Most Americans say we'd need less than $100,000 to make us happy. That's according to CNN Money's American Dream Poll and most would be happy with far less.

Nearly a quarter of us said we'd be content with a much smaller amount, between $50-thousand and nearly $75-thousand and 10-percent said between one dollar and $30-thousand would make us happier.

Interestingly enough, six-percent of those surveyed said they'd take no money whatsoever, declaring that money cannot buy happiness.

CNN Money notes that these results are consistent with results of other studies that found that past a certain income level, your happiness comes from other factors.


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