Boy calls police from inside carjacked SUV

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Friday, August 29, 2014 - 3:19pm

A Houston boy is happy to be home after a frightening ride inside a carjacked vehicle. His actions helped police rescue him and other children who were in the car, Syan Rhodes has the story.

Alex Veasley, Inside carjacked Vehicle, "He said hang on and I was like wait you're in the wrong car and he was like I know I'm stealing this car."

With those words 9 year-old Alex Veasley and four other children were off on the most dangerous ride of their young lives, Alex Veasley, "I hope that never happens again."

It happened in an instant, Alex Veasley, "She was buying us tacos because some people were hungry."

Alex says his driver Latonya Jackson stopped at a Jack in the Box, but left the car running when she went in to grab another order for one of the kids. That's when police say 24 year-old Brenton Simmons jumped in the SUV.

Alex Veasley, "He just got in got the keys and drove away."

Simmons drove around with the kids for hours speeding and swerving all over the road barely missing other cars.

Alex Veasley, "So he just errr car was coming he was like errrr. The car almost flipped over."

Alex says most of the other kids were asleep but Simmons' erratic driving finally woke up the oldest child in the car, Alex Veasley, "His head hit the ceiling and he said is there somebody in this car? and I was like yep we're getting car robbed."

When Simmons stopped in Cinco Ranch to get gas, Alex saw an opportunity a cell phone left behind by Latonya Jackson.

Alex Veasley, "It was in a cup holder in the back seat, so i grabbed it and called 911."

Alex and the 11 year-old boy told a dispatcher what was going on and where they were. Shortly after that call they saw the flashing police lights that meant they would soon be free.

Alex Veasley, "I was like yes, and i was happy because i could finally go home, because i was exhausted."

By 9:30 Wednesday night Alex was safely in the back of a patrol car at HPD headquarters waving and smiling at our cameras ready to be reunited with his mom.


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