Borderland's Gas Prices Fall; East Coast's Rises

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 12:43pm

Gas prices typically fall during this time of year. According to the latest numbers, gas prices in the Borderland have increased by more than 3 cents a gallon. And our East Coast neighbors aren't benefitting from seasonal gas trends, as well.

Long lines and high fees are what most New York and New Jersey residents face. Both states have ordered gas rationing to help reduce long lines and frustration at the pump. But for most people, they're just trying to piece their lives together after having their homes and the neighborhoods torn apart.

A closer look at El Paso and Las Cruces reveal the latter city paying on average 7 cents more per gallon a week ago than today. And even more good news for the city, their prices are cheaper than El Paso's gas prices. But both citites are a lot less expensive than New Jersey and New York.

El Paso's gas prices are about 70 cents on average cheaper than the price per gallon in New York with New Yorkers paying about $4 a gallon.


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