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'Black Friday' becomes 'grayer'; El Pasoans react to early shopping hours

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - 5:54pm

Stores nationwide are pushing back their opening hours on Black Friday. But it is creating frustration for some who say, Black Friday is cutting into their family time.

Some stores will be opening their doors thanksgiving evening, creating what some call ‘Gray Thursday’.

Some El Pasoans argue instead of spending dinner time with family on one of the few days of the year they do, they're forced to end dinner early to cash in on the savings. However, some argue 'Gray Thursday' is creating a new tradition.

"Thanksgiving you're sitting down at dinner giving thanks to everything you have and then immediately you leave from there to go get more stuff. So you're not really being true to Thanksgiving,” Serg Padilla of Northeast El Paso said.

"In a way it's pretty good because if you have a lot to eat then you could go walk it off at the store,” Ramon Tovar of East Side El Paso explained.

"Lost focus of family values, just people making money now and spend money and consume, consume, consume,” Marcus Curtis of the Lower Valley said.

Social media has also erupted, urging people to stay home with their families instead of lining up at stores whose doors open before midnight on Friday.


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