Beer run suspect arrested in San Elizario

El Paso County Sheriff's Office
Sunday, August 17, 2014 - 11:48pm

San Elizario — What started out as a beer run in San Elizario Saturday night, ended up with a full on chase involving five law enforcement agencies.

Sheriff's investigators say 26-year-old Carlos Mendez stole the beer from a 7-11 on Socorro Rd.

They say while responding to the incident, a deputy spotted Mendez and his car on Herring Rd.

As the deputy approached, they say Mendez hit the gas.

A Clint Patrol unit, border patrol, DPS Troopers and Horizon Police all joined in the chase.

They say Mendez eventually stopped at Clemson Rd. and took off on foot.

But he was caught and charged with theft and evading arrest.

They say he had a passenger with him in his car.

Deputies are looking for that person.


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