BBB advises read apartment lease before signing

Thursday, May 9, 2013 - 6:54pm

Ro protect yourself as a consumer and an apartment dweller, the BBB has some advice.

The BBB says people should read through every single document they are signing before moving into an apartment. They also say check state laws to find out what your rights are as a Texas tenant. They also advise to speak with others who already live in the complex.

"I would also advise to ask around. If somebody hasn't had a good experience, then you're likely to not have a good experience as well. The same goes for if they are going to have a good experience then you will likely, too. So ask around. Ask people who have lived there," Margo Monreal of BBB El Paso told us.

The BBB also advises you ask the apartment manager for a list of tenants who may be able to share their insights.



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