Ballot Language Removed from City Website

Friday, October 19, 2012 - 11:42pm

Are you or aren't you voting on the ballpark in November's election?

A new development Friday is raising some eyebrows.
City leaders have always said Proposition 3 won't let the voters choose whether or not we have a ballpark, just who will get to pay for it.

But is that the case?

Ray Rojas, an opponent of the ballpark, filed his criminal complaint against the city after he said they were using the city's website to promote a political agenda.

This is the language he had an issue with:

"Please note: Voters will be voting on a two percent (2%) increase on the hotel occupancy tax (HOT) only. Voters will not be voting on the ballpark project itself. An increase in the HOT tax will allow for visitors to pay for the majority of the ballpark project not its residents."

But as of Thursday, that language was removed from the city's website.

We called Mayor John Cook, City Rep. Steve Ortega and we have not heard back from them.

We did reach City Rep. Susie Byrd.

She said she had no idea why the language was removed from the website.

NewsChannel 9 will continue to follow this story.


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