Anonymous millionare hides cash, tweets clues

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 1:23pm

It's become a phenomenon -- an anonymous person giving away cash by the handful and leaving clues on twitter.

Reporter Jonathan Bloom chased down some of the winners in that scavenger hunt... and even heard from the anonymous donor.

Some donors have found the money taped in strange places, parking meters and construction equipment.

Alexandra Etherton was across the street -- when she saw a tweet from an account called "hidden cash" and recognized the 9th circuit courthouse. She "ran" to find an envelope.

"There was 60-dollars in 20's and then about four just two dollar bills." Etherton told us.

She's part of a growing club of people who've found cash in envelopes like this -- by following clues like this: "We got the tweet saying go to the caterpillar by the water."

Cash finder Matthew Burkert said "My first thought was caterpillar construction equipment."

A friend knew about "this" bulldozer, beached along the great highway. But so did somebody else, Matthew had to race him.

"He went up the front side of the caterpillar, I went up the back side, and it just happened to be on the back side.' Burkert said.

But as we talked with him another clue was tweeted. It shows a little chef, and a beach. So I'm guessing Baker's Beach.

Off we went, and got there a moment too late. Someone had already found the cash.

"It was buried right under -- right in there and this guy just sort of popped out. and there it was." said the beach cash finder.

It all leaves people asking... why?

Setting aside the purpose for a second, the unintended result of these hidden cash hunts is that it seems to have inspired generosity.

Within five minutes, this couple gave all the money away to families on the beach.

In an anonymous phone interview, the man behind hidden cash says that's the point.

"I'm in that one percent that some people loathe. but rather than hating people who are successful, my point would be to encourage people who have been successful to give back a little bit more." the anonymous cash-giver said.


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