Animal activists protest at city Animal Services meeting

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 11:26pm

Animal activists gathered in big numbers Wednesday, to send a message to the city. They're upset with the number of animals that are being euthanized in El Paso.
An animal activist group displayed a chain of 2,497 links meant to represent a collar for each pet that was euthanized in June.
The group spoke during public comment addressing numerous issues they feel Animal Services is not tending to.
On the agenda were items that included, making changes like education and public outreach on the importance of spaying and neutering, reducing the number of cats impounded and euthanized and a proposed program for educating city ordinance offenders.

"In 1999, the city signed a resolution to make the City of El Paso a no kill city and the problem with that is its been 14 years and last year they actually had about 238,000 euthanizations. They euthanized 238,000 animals," said Charlie Moreno with El Paso Pets.Org.

The city's Environmental Services Director addressed the issue.

“It's not really a growing number, its just been a problem for a number of years. We have an enormous pet population of both cats and dogs and the reality is unless we trap them and neuter them and return them to their colony, they're gonna be euthanized, said Ellen Smith, the director of Environmental Services.

The city's Environmental Services Education Committee has already implemented specific programs meant to educate in the hopes of reducing euthanizations, like partnerships with PetSmart and local schools to pass out info on spaying and neutering, hosting adoption events and lastly, marketing to promote that information hoping to reach the community.


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