Anamarc students enroll in other Borderland colleges

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 6:44pm

There's still no answers Wednesday night -- regarding the future of financially strapped Anamarc College but that should change come Friday. That's when the medical technical school has to submit its plans to the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. We’ve staying in contact with several students and some faculty at Anamarc. They say, they’re still coping with the school's abrupt closure and still haven't heard if the move is permanent.

Uncertainty rests on Roger Guzman's shoulders but if there's one thing he's sure about, he's moving on from Anamarc. "I'm not afraid anymore, there's nothing they can do to me anyways I'm going to Western Tech,” Roger Guzman, the former Anamarc College student explained. Last week, Guzman and his friends spoke with us on camera about the lack of answers from the college. Wednesday, he stepped out of the shadows and is planning out his future at Western Tech. "They also have X-Ray tech so I think I'm going to take that route."

As we've reported, 500 students were shut out of class last week when Anamarc owners announced they're experiencing 'temporary cash flow' issues and were told to go home early for the summer. "I really wish I could go back to the school there,” John Selmon, another former Anamarc student exclaimed. We also spoke with Selmon last week.

With students moving on, and faculty laid off, many students are taking their chances at other colleges like Southwest University or El Paso Community College. "This is really putting me back a year because classes at El Paso Community are not starting up until this Autumn,” Selmon said.

But not all credits will transfer. Southwest University and EPCC have not returned our calls with specifics. Howard Payne University is also accepting Anamarc students at its El Paso campus. The Christian liberal arts school says students can transfer up to 66 credit hours.

We asked Selmon if he has given up on Anamarc, “Pretty much, there's not much I can do. You know, I got to face reality,” Selmon said, “At this moment, it's the only option I got.”

"All we pretty much hear is that they're going to come up with a plan by July 11th but as of right now we don't know what that plan is,” Guzman said.

Court documents show two former Anamarc employees are accused of embezzlement and fraud. Enrique Diaz and his wife Elsa Pine allegedly stole $600,000 from the college in 2012 and filed for bankruptcy. They're the sister and brother in-law of Anamarc Owners Ana and Marc Houde.


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