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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 11:59am

Anamarc college raided by FBI, neighbors react

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 5:58pm

FBI agents swarmed the campuses of Anamarc College Wednesday, two months after the school abruptly closed.

Agents were at the Central campus for hours. As to what they took and how much they took we're working to find that out.

They raided all three of Anamarc's campuses in Central and East El Paso -- and in Santa Teresa New Mexico today. As well as owners Ana and Marc Houde's home in the Upper Valley, an event just months after the owners abruptly closed the college -- citing temporary cash flow issues.

But at least one of their neighbors came to their defense, "Very good neighbors, the type you want to live next door to you,” the man did not want to tell us his name nor show his face on camera.

Agents scoured the Central campus on Dyer for hours even bringing in a second truck. But they have not said what they're looking for, only that this is all part of an ongoing investigation.

At least one neighbor we spoke with off camera explained they're not surprised at the raid. And claimed years before, one of the Houde's asked them to invest in the college.

But another man we spoke with said nothing like that has ever happened with him. "I really never talked to them about those things."

Federal agents tell us no one has been arrested. Since the college closed in June, the Houde's have placed their Upper Valley home for sale... They're asking price $1.2-million. All three of Anamarc's campuses remain closed. Close to 600 students and faculty were left in limbo. Many students unsure of their futures since some of the programs that were available at Anamarc are not offered anywhere else.

Despite the news -- this man only has positive things to say about his neighbors. "They keep up their home, their kids are polite. What else can you ask?"


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