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Allstate data shows a spike in holiday hazards

MGN Online
Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 1:42pm

Allstate conducted an in-depth analysis of homeowner claims around the holiday season.

Internal claims were analyzed over a four-year period (from January 2009 through December 2012) and excluded catastrophic events to ensure the findings would not be impacted by external influences such as weather events.

Seasonal perils such as wind or hail that naturally occur during the holiday season are not attributed as “holiday-related” whereas perils such as theft are attributed as “holiday-related.”

Allstate Insurance Company shows that fires pose as a threat to the safety of Texas residents during the holiday season.

A new survey also highlights how holiday pressures and changes in activities, behaviors and routines can leave Texas homeowners vulnerable to home perils.

• During the holidays, fire claims increase by 23 percent for Texas homeowners.

• Candles are the most likely to cause a holiday-related fire. In fact, Christmas week is among the top three weeks for candle-related claims.

The median cost for candle-related claims is almost $50,000.

• On average, there are three times more turkey fryer claims during the holiday season than any other time of the year.

The median cost for turkey fryer-related claims is almost $29,000.

• Around New Year’s Eve, (last week of December through first week in January) there are nearly twice as many claims caused by fireworks.

The median cost for fireworks-related claims is nearly $14,000.

• Christmas trees are another holiday-related hazard that may result in costly damages.

The median cost for Christmas tree-related claims is more than $100,000.

• Since 2008, the most costly holiday fire claim involved an artificial Christmas tree in the homeowners’ living room.

The total loss amount cost nearly $2.4 million.

New Texas survey data shows that holiday pressures and changes in activities, behaviors and routines can leave homeowners more susceptible to home perils.

According to the survey…

• 50 percent of Texas consumers are trying to do too many things at one time during the holidays.

• 54 percent of Texas consumers are trying new techniques for cooking and decorating.

• 51 percent of Texas respondents who drink alcohol during the holidays say they drink more than they usually do throughout the year.

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