Albuquerque grasshopper invasion multiplying

Friday, June 6, 2014 - 1:20pm

The grasshoppers invading Albuquerque, New Mexico seem to be multiplying.

According to experts, there has not been this many grasshoppers in two decades.

Although there are no reports of crop damage, some home gardens are being shredded.

Experts also said pesticides are not effective against the number of grasshoppers, and can be harmful to other plants, people and pets.

They recommend using a row cover for prized plants instead.

Residents said they are still getting used to all the grasshoppers.

It's still not certain when they'll go away, but experts are guessing it will be a couple of weeks or so.

However, entomologists said the hoppers hatched early this year so it's possible there will be a second generation at the end of the summer.


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