911 Call Released in Massive Beaumont Pileup

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 7:51am

Just released 911 tapes - revealing more about the chaos and carnage during last week's Thanksgiving Day pile-up on I-10 in Beaumont, Texas. 

Foggy conditions caused about 140 cars and trucks to collide.
Here is the transcript from two of the crash victims crying out for help:

They have a major accident over here {inaudible} cars and 18-wheelers and everything. I don't know where we are and the fog is thick.

"Please get on I-10 immediately."
"Ma'am, we got 'em coming okay?"
"Things are still hittime me."
"Yes ma'am we get em coming."
"Another collision..."
"Ma'am, ma'am, they en route okay?"

Two people were killed in the pile-up and 90 others had to be rushed to area hospitals.   


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