77th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade float preparations under way

Saturday, November 23, 2013 - 6:00pm

Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner and it's full steam ahead for El Paso's 77th Annual Parade, as crews are hard at work getting those fancy floats ready for the big day.

For many families, the parade is an important part of the holiday tradition and organizers say they're working to keep that tradition going.

There was a blizzard of glue, glitter, petals, and paint at the float warehouse on Saturday morning, as dozens of volunteers did their part to decorate.

Some were further along in the decorating process than others, and were just putting the finishing touches on their floats.

But many of the others were hot on their trail and taking shape quite nicely.

Organizers say when it's all said and done, 15 floats will make their way out of the warehouse and on to the parade route.

"This is going to be creating memorable moments for families, children, and grandchildren for generations to come. It's going to be exciting. We've got godzilla, we've got Jurassic Park, we got Donkey Kong, we got Rudolph, we've got Grease, you name it. We've got an ostrich running through the background - king kong! it is going to be really fun," said Joe Daubach, the Special Events Director for the Sun Bowl Association.

"The parade is all about the kids, and the families, and the parents, and we want to spread as many smiles as possible throughout all the families so that way, they can sit back on a Thanksgiving Day parade and just watch and enjoy the show," said Vijay Vaswani, owner of Menchie's yogurt shops in El Paso.

The City of El Paso's Department of Transportation is also getting ready for the Thanksgiving Day parade by beautifying Montana Avenue from Ochoa to Copia.

They are painting curbs, hanging parade banners on street lights, erasing graffiti and sweeping the 2.7 mile parade route.

Crews will also be on hand before, during, and after the parade.

The parade begins at 10 a.m. on Thursday, November 28th.


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