Changing the face of Downtown El Paso

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 11:08pm

Call the stadium, the nose job on the facelift of Downtown El Paso.
Proposition 3 will increase the Hotel Occupancy Tax by 2 % in order to pay for most of the construction of the new baseball stadium.
That, combined with the effects of Props 1 & 2 will dramatically change the face of downtown.

It's time for city council to take back over in regards to Prop 3.  It's now in their hands to authorize the 2% Hot tax increase.
Voters approved it by a 20% margin last night.

"I do think that there is resounding support in the community right now for the direction that El Paso is headed in," said City Rep. Steve Ortega.

Hotels will begin charging guests the extra fee in the next few months. But the ballpark is just a small part of what will be changing.

"We've got all these great things coming and it's going to be very important that along the way that we do everything very well," said City Rep. Susie Byrd.  "That there's somebody kind of minding the business to make sure that it gets done with the expectation that the community had when they voted yes for those propositions".

Moving at not nearly the same rate of speed, Propositions 1 and 2. They're on 15 year plans.

Proposition 2 uses $245 million to make our parks, pools, zoo, and community center better.

Proposition 1 uses more than $228 million to upgrade the libraries and museums.
Plus, it will build a children's museum and a multipurpose arena.

"We like the direction the city is moving in and we want to be more ambitious," Ortega said.

Next on the menu for city council, is to discuss what comes first on the long list of approved projects under Propositions 1 & 2.

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