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4 Your Vote: Election Central

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 11:40am

Local 4 News is committed to providing up-to-the-minute, accurate coverage of the 2012 Election by providing multiple resources from a local, regional and national standpoint.

On our website, click on our "4 Your Vote" menu option under news to gather the latest published data regarding voting results, polling places and local candidate interaction.

As always, your engagement on our social feeds is always welcome. Keep up with immediate updates on our Facebook where we will furnish realtime updates on the elections. Our staff will be following individual races to ensure detailed coverage on the results that matter most to you.


Our Local 4 News Twitter handle, @Local4News, will also provide quick political spurts throughout Election Day 2012, and we look forward to your interaction and photos that our producers will gather to show on air. As always, your feedback is respected and valued and utilized for our newscasts. Tweet/Upload your Election Day photos, comments and questions using hashtag #4YourVote. We may air these on our newscast or share on social media. 

Links to sample ballots are listed below:


Canutillo ISD:

Clint ISD:

City of El Paso:

Fabens ISD:

Horizon MUD:

Lower Valley Water:

Tornillo ISD:



Please feel free to email any questions, photos or comments to our Online Media Producer Bianca Cervantes at  

4 Your Vote

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