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20 Biggest travel mistakes

MGN Online
Friday, August 2, 2013 - 8:40am

The CNN Travel staff has put in some hard miles.

Every one of the travel chokes on this list comes from painful personal experience -- often multiple times repeating the same mistakes. (We're nothing if not persistent.)

What are your biggest travel mistakes? 

1. Overpacking

2. Not buying something you like as soon as you see it

3. Not checking your phone plan before traveling abroad

4. Trusting "near city center" descriptions

5. Taking the "super" shuttle

6. Not tightening shampoo caps ... all the way

7. Thinking you know the perfect time to book a ticket

8. Trying too hard to chisel out a bargain

9. Not changing money at the airport

10. Underestimating the hell that is Heathrow

11. Buying cheap flip-flops

12. Fearing street food

13. Buying a drum on the first day of a three-month trek across Asia

14. Over-reliance on guidebooks

15. Not buying the full insurance policy

16. Obsessive photography

17. Not checking visa requirements before departure

18. Attempting Berlin in a weekend

19. Using a credit card to get cash

20. Not printing out reservation details


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