San Elizario wants to become a city

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - 8:14pm

That's a defensive move to prevent the City of Socorro from moving forward with plans to annex part of San Elizario.

The area in question is called parcel 2, it extends to the river and includes about 80 residents of that historic community. The town has begun a fact finding mission to decide if San Eli should become its own city. Many of the residents have been there for generations and are struggling to envision a future where one side of the street would be in San Elizario and the other in Socorro.

Right now the county services the town, but if they incorporate, then San Elizario will have to provide their own services.

El Paso County Commissioners are doing their part to stop the annexation of land by Socorro, County Attorney Jo Anne Bernal filed a lawsuit today. That's the other defensive move.

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