ICE: Local Attorney Attempts to Launder $600M of Mexican Cartel Money

Monday, November 5, 2012 - 3:03pm

Immigration Customs Enforcement agents arrested an El Paso attorney in connection with a $600 million money laundering case involving a Mexican drug cartel while he was dining at the west side Barrigas restaurant on Friday, federal officials said.

Marco Antonio Delgado, 46, was arrested on Friday, according to ICE Spokeswoman Leticia Zamarripa.

His one count indictment for conspiracy to commit money laundering was three pages long, and returned by a grand jury, federal officials said. According to a multi-year investigation, Delgado was working with the Milenio cartel, a Guadalajara-based drug-trafficking organization. They said he specifically deposited money in U.S. banks and the money was simultaniously withdrawn in Mexico.

He is currently detained on no bond and appeared in federal court Monday where he was read his charges. A detention hearing was scheduled for later this week.

Local 4 News has learned that Delgado contributes to the 'Marco Delgado Fellowship for the Advancement of Hispanics in Public Policy and Management' at H. John Heinz III College according to the Carnegie Mellon University's website. The fellowship, started by Delgado in 1990, awards Latino students from $5,000 to full tuition per semester. The school is located in Pittsburgh, Penn.

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