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El Paso man recovering from West Nile virus

Saturday, October 27, 2012 - 12:04am

An El Paso man is recovering after being diagnosed with West Nile virus in September and spending several weeks in the hospital.

Carlos Alferez, 66, first went to the hospital after developing a fever. As a kidney transplant recepient 11 years ago, fevers are monitored very closely.

"The fever got to me," Alferez said. "Everything got to me and I couldn't feel anything."

He was placed in ice baths while at the hospital, working to bring the fever down but doesn't remember much after that.

Alferez spent the next 10 days at the hospital receiving different types of treatments and he said he felt virtually paralyzed when he woke up.

"I was shaking," he said. "I couldn't get up or sustain myself."

His body was swollen and he lost strength in his muscles forcing the Vietnam veteran to rehab and re-learn to walk.

Now that he is in recovery he said he can not recall the exact time when he might of contracted the virus.

"You really don't feel the mosquito bite cause it takes 1 to 15 days before you get a reaction," Alferez said.

He said it could have happened in the backyard watering trees or taking out the trash.

After everything he went through, Alferez urges others to take extra precaution when outdoors.

"Be careful when you go out there," Alferez said. "Listen to what they tell you, wear the long sleeves and don't go out unless you have to," Alferez said.

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