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Train jumps tracks, 32 hurt at Chicago's O'Hare airport

A commuter train arriving at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport jumped the tracks and climbed an escalator Monday morning. The crash left 32 people with non-life-threatening injuries, Chicago police said.

Galveston Bay spill will take economic, ecological toll

With no end in sight to containing a spill that may have dumped 150,000 gallons of fuel oil into Galveston Bay on Saturday, the hit to Texas’ economy and environment is already huge — and sure to grow.

Wal-Mart offers new service that can save you money

Walmart is launching a new tool to help shoppers make sure they get the best price. It's called savings catcher.

Gender wage gap prevalent throughout Texas government

As the candidates for Texas governor ramped up their attacks this week over wage discrimination and sexism, the hiring prac

Want to avoid an ex? This app can help

Don't you just hate it when you keep running into the people you'd rather not see at all? Now there's an app to avoid that.

McDonald's is upping its breakfast game

If you're thinking about breakfast, here's an idea. McDonald's is adding something new to its menu.

Apple eyes partnerships in bid to reinvent TV

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Apple may have grand ideas about how to reinvent television, but for now, rather than attempting an end-run around the industry's incumbents, it continues to seek partnerships with them.

Washington landslide: 4 dead, at least 18 missing

(CNN) -- The sheriff of Snohomish County, Washington, points at a pile of muddy rubble and describes what he sees.

3 elephants escape circus in St. Louis, damage cars in Shiners' lot

(CNN) -- What's better than a bull in a China shop? Three cows in a parking lot -- elephant cows, that is.

No winners for $1 billion NCAA challenge

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Warren Buffett can relax. The $1 billion prize for a perfect NCAA bracket that his Berkshire Hathaway was backing will go unclaimed.

Federal judge strikes down Michigan's gay marriage ban

(CNN) -- A federal judge on Friday ruled that Michigan's prohibition on same-sex marriage violates the U.S. Constitution, ordering the state to stop enforcing the ban.

Barack H. Obama foundation drops middle initial

The foundation dedicated to planning and building Barack Obama's presidential library dropped the 'H' from its name.

Report: Many Youths Still Detained for Minor Infractions

While the number of youths in confinement for noncriminal offenses has dropped by 52 percent nationally in the past decade, thousands, including many young Texans, remain in detention for minor misbehavior like truancy

Star party at City of Rocks State Park

An evening adventure awaits--City of Rocks State Park is having a Star Party at dusk on Saturday, March 22 and you’re invited!

PETA alleges cruelty against top racehorses weeks before Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby resides on a summit of high-society pomp.