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Gunfire rings out as feds investigate police shooting of teen

Michael Brown was going to defy negative stereotypes, eschewing the street life that plagued many African-American young men to go to college, his mother said.

her fruit company wants to merge with Chiquita

Chiquita has another set of suitors in town. Two Brazilian companies stepped forward on Monday with promises of $600 million in cash and an offer to buy Chiquita Brands outright.

Going public with depression

Editor's note: Comedic actor Robin Williams died at his Northern California home Monday, law enforcement officials said. Williams was 63.

New lives for old dogs

Prior to the year 2000 when a Military Working Dog was retired from service it was euthanized, but on Sept. 27, 2000, Congress passed "Robby's Law," which allows military dogs to be adopted once they retire.

'Shark Week' breaks records for Discovery

Shark Week still has plenty of bite.

Comedian Robin Williams dead, sheriff says

Comedic actor Robin Williams died at his Northern California home Monday, law enforcement officials said. Williams was 63.

The 'Harry Potter' movie Daniel Radcliffe can't stand

(CNN) -- Of the eight "Harry Potter" movies Daniel Radcliffe made, there's one in particular that sets his teeth on edge.

Federal judge spends night in jail after alleged domestic dispute

(CNN) -- A federal judge spent the night in an Atlanta jail after being charged with misdemeanor battery in an alleged domestic violence incident involving his wife.

Feds: Texas responsible for misspent Medicaid dollars

Texas is “ultimately responsible” for millions of misspent Medicaid dollars, according to a new federal audit, because a state agency failed to properly oversee the c

VIDEO: 6 killed after police chase reaches 100 MPH

A crash after a police chase near Houston has claimed six lives.

VIDEO: TABC considering proposal to sell alcohol at gun shows

rv Gun buyers could soon be able to grab a cold one while browsing the merchandise at gun shows in Texas. The State Alcoholic Beverage Commission is considering the proposal. But, the reaction is mixed.

VIDEO: Jerry Jones has 'no comment' on racy photos that popped up online

Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones spoke to the media Sunday for the first time since some racy pictures were leaked online last week.

Texas woman booted from restaurant after changing baby's diaper

A Texas mother says she was kicked out of a pizza restaurant for changing her baby at the table. She says there was no changing table in the restroom. The restaurant's owners say that's no excuse.

The Brief: Cruz/ Perry rivalry warms up

The rivalry between U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Rick Perry warmed up over the weekend.