Hope for Parkinson's patients

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 9:07pm

El Paso- The Chief Medical Director at Highlands Regional Rehab Hospital in El Paso says Parkinson's Disease is a progressive, degenerative brain disorder that has no cure.

1. 5 million Americans have Parkinson's with the most noted characteristic being the shaky hands or tremors. Some will not seek treatment and suffer quietly, others may take up to 30 pills a day to control it. As this disease continues, simple tasks like walking, talking or riding a bike become very difficult.

Doctor Sandberg spoke about a procedure that is now widely recognized by most insurance companies. No longer experimental, D.B.S. Or Deep Brain Stimulation by a company called Medtronic is the difference for some between victim and victor. It's sort of like a pacemaker for your brain. This electric stimulus implanted deep within the brain has allowed Parkinson's patients more freedom from the disease.

Roy Roden got the operation a few months ago and has been riding his bicycle across the country to talk to other patients talking about the D.B.S. procedure. He and his wife have ridden half-way from Seattle to Miami and is convinced this procedure has allowed him the freedom to control his own body. Motions that previously were uncontrolled.

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