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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 11:59am


Pentagon investigating possible 'friendly-fire' that killed five American troops

The Pentagon is investigating a possible friendly-fire incident that killed five American troops in Afghanistan. The incident happened Monday in the southern province of Zabul.

Las Cruces man sentenced for Tampering

James Bogart was acquitted for the 2008 death of housemate, Jeremy Hernandez. The defendant maintains he acted in self defense. Monday's sentencing was based on 1 count of evidence tampering.

If you want to be a dad, don't smoke pot

If you smoke pot and want to become a dad, you may want to stop. A new study out of the United Kingdom supports previous research that suggests using marijuana could increase a man's risk for fertility problems.

T-Mobile and Sprint close to $32b merger

The future of the U.S. Wireless industry may soon be in the hands of the Obama administration. Reports indicate Sprint and T-Mobile are close to finalizing a 32-billion-dollar-merger proposal.

Apple stock split begins Monday

A stock split will make buying a piece of Apple seem a little more affordable for the average investor. Apple will do a stock split, today (Monday), to bring the company's expensive shares down substantially in price.

Las Cruces Fire Department bans open burning

Because of existing drought conditions in southern New Mexico, the Las Cruces Fire Department has determined that it’s necessary to restrict all open burning and fires within municipal boundaries.

Can a little extra cash make you happy?

We know what money can't buy happiness but could a little bit of extra cash make you a little happier? If so how much cash would you want?

Good fat vs. bad fat

Fat gets such a bad rap and with good reason, but not all fats are lowsy. There are actually good fats and bad fats and we need the good type every day.

Police look for person who started truck fire

Las Cruces Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information that helps identify the person or persons responsible for a vehicle fire Wednesday afternoon at a local Walmart store.

Rollover forces police to shutdown I10 Westbound near Paisano and Raynolds

A rollover on I-10 Westbound near Raynolds has traffic at a standstill Thursday night - backed up all the way to Geronimo. There's no word yet on injuries.  

GM employees to "depart company"

More than a dozen workers are departing General Motors as a result of the ignition switch recall investigation, that's according to a GM source speaking to CNN.

Sam's Club indroduces security-chip credit card

Warehouse club chain Sam's Club is set to introduce a security-chip enabled credit card.

Learning a second language could be good for your health

Learning a language really is the gift you keep on giving your self or at least your brain. This study says that second language leads to sharper intellect.

Some mega grocery stores are going mini

Many mega supercenter grocery stores are now going mini. After years of grocery stores expanding in physical size, they are now shrinking.

Stay busy and cool with summer reading club

If parents are looking for a way to get kids to read more during the summer, here's an idea.  The El Paso Public Library is offering a free summer reading club challenge.